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 Image: Title.English: Subject.OCM: Description.Critical:

1. [wa0007] [Instruments in the Confucius Shrine, Tainan] [wa0007] [Instruments in the Confucius Shrine, Tainan] 788 RITUAL;530 ARTS;533 MUSIC;534 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS;780 RELIGIOUS PRACTICES; Several drums, various sizes. Altar and tablet in center of photo with the admonition, "zhaijie/saikai" 斎戒, meaning "to moderate one's eating and drinking, and observe the proscribed taboos." This...

2. [wa0010] [Ceremonial bells and zither] [wa0010] [Ceremonial bells and zither] 530 ARTS;533 MUSIC;534 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS;780 RELIGIOUS PRACTICES;788 RITUAL; Bronze ceremonial bells called bianzhong (編鐘), mounted on wooden frames; chimestones, called bianqing (編磬), and stringed instrument, or guqin (古琴). These instruments were used in ancient China...

3. [wa0012] [Aerial view of Chaotian Gong] [wa0012] [Aerial view of Chaotian Gong] 340 STRUCTURES;341 ARCHITECTURE;346 RELIGIOUS AND EDUCATIONAL STRUCTURES;780 RELIGIOUS PRACTICES; See description for image [wa0008].

4. [wa0014] [Dadaocheng (Taipei) slaughterhouse] [wa0014] [Dadaocheng (Taipei) slaughterhouse] 250 FOOD PROCESSING;253 MEAT PACKING INDUSTRY;460 LABOR; Taipei slaughterhouse w/brick columns and arched openings. Adult and child male laborers, various stages of production. Pork sausage-making is featured activity of this photo. A photograph of the exterior...

5. [wa0016] [Ami men plowing fields] [wa0016] [Ami men plowing fields] 231 DOMESTICATED ANIMALS;240 AGRICULTURE;241 TILLAGE;400 MACHINES;407 AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY; Ami men using wooden-wheeled plows with oxen to till fields.

6. [wa0017] [Tainan Yongle market] [wa0017] [Tainan Yongle market] 440 MARKETING;443 RETAIL MARKETING; Enclosed alley market, Tainan city's Yongle town 永楽町. A 1930 Japanese source notes that Yongle's market was lively, and retained much more of Taiwan's traditional flavor than Taipei's markets. The...

7. [wa0025] [Taipei sidewalk] [wa0025] [Taipei sidewalk] 340 STRUCTURES;344 PUBLIC STRUCTURES;360 SETTLEMENTS;363 STREETS AND TRAFFIC; Covered sidewalk with parked bicycles and signs for Osaka Mainichi Shinbun (Osaka Daily News) and the Yamada Clothing Store. Major thoroughfares in Taiwanese cities have a feature that distinguishes them...

8. [wa0035] [Washing clothes in Yilan] [wa0035] [Washing clothes in Yilan] 310 EXPLOITATIVE ACTIVITIES;312 WATER SUPPLY;487 ROUTES;500 WATER AND AIR TRANSPORT;503 WATERWAYS IMPROVEMENTS;510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES;512 DAILY ROUTINE; An irrigation canal in Yilan prefecture's central plain, the "rice bowl" of Lanyangsan(Ranyosan) County 蘭陽三郡. Katsuyama (1931) also notes that it "is amusing/interesting that the locals along the...

9. [wa0038] [Four-armed scoop net on Sun-Moon Lake] [wa0038] [Four-armed scoop net on Sun-Moon Lake] 220 FOOD QUEST;226 FISHING;500 WATER AND AIR TRANSPORT;501 BOATS; The collector of this photograph described this net as a "yotsude ami," 日月潭四ッ手綱, a term meaning "four-armed scoop-net." These devices are built on bamboo frames to catch fish.

10. [wa0039] [Candy sculpture] [wa0039] [Candy sculpture] 250 FOOD PROCESSING;257 CONFECTIONARY INDUSTRIES;440 MARKETING;443 RETAIL MARKETING;510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES; Street vendors sell candy carved in the shape of dolls/personages, a common site on festival days in front of temples. This photo was taken near Dragon Mountain (Longshan) temple in Taipei (Nihon chiri...

11. [wa0040] [Story-teller] [wa0040] [Story-teller] 510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES;517 LEISURE TIME ACTIVITIES;530 ARTS;5310 VERBAL ARTS; Elderly man telling stories to crowd of males for entertainment. This setting is known as a 講古場.  

12. [wa0053] [Sixtieth Birthday Altar and Banquet] [wa0053] [Sixtieth Birthday Altar and Banquet] 800 NUMBERS AND MEASURES;805 ORDERING OF TIME;880 ADOLESCENCE ADULTHOOD AND OLD AGE;888 STATUS AND TREATMENT OF THE AGED; A large banquet table with altar, candles, vertical banners and food offerings. The year is Showa 5, or 1930. One of the banners says "Happy 60th birthday to Mr. Wan Weng 萬翁先生六秩寿" signed...

13. [wa0080] [Paiwan slate roof with decorative lintel] [wa0080] [Paiwan slate roof with decorative lintel] 340 STRUCTURES;341 ARCHITECTURE;342 DWELLINGS;530 ARTS;5311 VISUAL ARTS; A Paiwan dwelling with trademark slate roof, lintel is decorated with paintings of snakes and human faces, denoting the chiefly lineage of its residents (see [wa0133] [wa0300] and [wa0302]).

14. [wa0093] [Sailboat] [wa0093] [Sailboat] 220 FOOD QUEST;226 FISHING;500 WATER AND AIR TRANSPORT;501 BOATS; Translated caption of same photo in the 1930 atlas of Japan: "Bamboo rafts like the one pictured here sometimes hoist anpera アンペラ [a tall durable fibrous grass used for weaving] sails, sometimes...

15. [wa0094] [Food stall and diners] [wa0094] [Food stall and diners] 250 FOOD PROCESSING;252 FOOD PREPARATION;260 FOOD CONSUMPTION;264 EATING;510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES; An elder and two youngsters seated at an outdoor food stall. A cook pours steaming liquid from a two-handled pot.

16. [wa0117] [Yunlong Falls] [wa0117] [Yunlong Falls] 130 GEOGRAPHY;133 TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY;520 RECREATION;526 ATHLETIC SPORTS; Numai Tetsutaro's 沼井鉄太郎 1930 [translated] description: "Yulong Falls is the most famous waterfall on the ascent of Yushan 玉山 mountain on the road from Tonpo トンポ [東埔] to Batongguan...

17. [wa0118] [Snowy mountain peaks of Yushan] [wa0118] [Snowy mountain peaks of Yushan] 130 GEOGRAPHY;133 TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY; Summit of Yushan 玉山(Jade Mountain) in central Taiwan. This picture was published in the Guide to Travel on Taiwan's Railways 台湾鉄道旅行案内 in 1932. Yushan was called "Niitaka" 新高 in...

18. [wa0138] [Chikan (Fort Proventia) monuments] [wa0138] [Chikan (Fort Proventia) monuments] 210 RECORDS;211 MNEMONIC DEVICES;320 PROCESSING OF BASIC MATERIALS;324 LITHIC INDUSTRIES; A series of vertical rectangular stone monuments 碑(J. ishibumi/Ch. bei) with tortoise figurines at the base. These nine monuments are now in front of the moat inside of the Chikan Towers, in an area...

19. [wa0141] [Sheer cliff on the Suao-Hualian Highway] [wa0141] [Sheer cliff on the Suao-Hualian Highway] 130 GEOGRAPHY;133 TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY;480 TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION;494 HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION; Translated Japanese caption: "The Suao-Hualian Highway was excavated from a sheer marble bluff in the Shimizu mountains, which shoot straight up to over 8080 feet. Its feet appear as if washed by the violent...

20. [wa0179] No. 307 BEAUTIFUL GIRL BY THE WINDOW, FORMOSA [wa0179] No. 307 BEAUTIFUL GIRL BY THE WINDOW, FORMOSA 290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT;350 EQUIPMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF STRUCTURES;352 FURNITURE;510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES;516 POSTURES; According to Zhuang (2001), this picture is from the 1930s (p. 69). Katsuyama (1931) identifies this woman as a "bijin" or "beauty" (p. 240).
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results 1-20 of 25 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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