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 Image: Title.English: Subject.OCM: Description.Critical:

1. [wa0001] [Bunun woman weaving] [wa0001] [Bunun woman weaving] 280 LEATHER TEXTILES AND FABRICS;286 WOVEN FABRICS;290 CLOTHING;294 CLOTHING MANUFACTURE;460 LABOR;462 DIVISION OF LABOR BY GENDER; Kanetowan village, Taizhong (H. Suzuki 1935, p. 44), usually considered Bunun territory, the Paiwan identification on the back of the photo is probably mistaken. One of many photos in this collection of...

2. [wa0002] [Tsou tooth removal] [wa0002] [Tsou tooth removal] 280 LEATHER TEXTILES AND FABRICS;281 WORK IN SKINS;300 ADORNMENT;304 BODY ALTERATIONS; Tsou adult males; two are standing and removing tooth from squatting male. Men are wearing trademark skin caps. Segawa and Yuasa write: "At the age of fifteen to twenty, the Tsou extract some of their...

3. [wa0013] [Orchid Island boats] [wa0013] [Orchid Island boats] 220 FOOD QUEST;226 FISHING;500 WATER AND AIR TRANSPORT;501 BOATS; Orchid Islanders bringing their distinctive decorated fishing boats ashore on beach. See [wa0191] for a description of Yami boat manufacture.

4. [wa0020] [Orchid Islanders with spears upright] [wa0020] [Orchid Islanders with spears upright] 410 TOOLS AND APPLIANCES;411 WEAPONS;510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES;516 POSTURES; Several dozen Orchid Island males crouch with spears in upright position. H. Suzuki's caption has been copied onto the back of this card, suggesting that one of the Warners read H. Suzuki's 1935 photo...

5. [wa0041] [Paiwan forearm tattoos] [wa0041] [Paiwan forearm tattoos] 300 ADORNMENT;301 ORNAMENT;304 BODY ALTERATIONS;560 SOCIAL STRATIFICATION;565 CLASS; Waist-belts, necklace, bracelets and tattoos of Paiwan males. H. Suzuki comments that these tattoos are marks of princely descent (H. Suzuki 1935, p. 65).

6. [wa0042] [Saisiat granary] [wa0042] [Saisiat granary] 250 FOOD PROCESSING;251 PRESERVATION AND STORAGE OF FOOD;280 LEATHER TEXTILES AND FABRICS;285 MATS AND BASKETRY;340 STRUCTURES;341 ARCHITECTURE; Saisiat male seated under granary, bamboo construction, raised on posts with rat guards. Seated man is weaving a basket. The storage shed appears to be the same as the one pictured in photo #45, which...

7. [wa0054] [Tsou elder in traditional dress] [wa0054] [Tsou elder in traditional dress] 280 LEATHER TEXTILES AND FABRICS;286 WOVEN FABRICS;290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT; Hong identifies this photo as a "Tsou elder in traditional hat and clothing (Hong 1993, p. 291).

8. [wa0055] [Bunun man facing camera] [wa0055] [Bunun man facing camera] 290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT; Bunun man facing the camera. Kanetowan village, Taizhong prefecture. Yao Tsun Hsiung has written that "the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan were often used by the Japanese in propaganda images to underscore...

9. [wa0056] [Drinking from bamboo cups] [wa0056] [Drinking from bamboo cups] 280 LEATHER TEXTILES AND FABRICS;281 WORK IN SKINS;290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT;410 TOOLS AND APPLIANCES;415 UTENSILS;622 COMMUNITY HEADS; This photo can be found in Yuasa Hiroshi's publication of Segawa Kōkichi's field notes and photographs. If Segawa himself took the photo, which is almost certain, then it was shot between 1929 and 1935,...

10. [wa0059] [Neiwen village] [wa0059] [Neiwen village] 300 ADORNMENT;620 COMMUNITY;629 INTER-ETHNIC RELATIONS;640 STATE;648 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS; Elder, men, and boy with flags. The flag says Neiwen village is pacified and its inhabitants are good subjects" 内文社 帰化 良民. Neiwen was in Gaoxiong prefecture, Chaozhou county 潮州郡...

11. [wa0060] [Pingdong men drinking together] [wa0060] [Pingdong men drinking together] 270 DRINK AND DRUGS;273 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES;290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT;410 TOOLS AND APPLIANCES;415 UTENSILS;570 INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS;574 VISITING AND HOSPITALITY; Another of several photographs of Aborigine men sharing wine. The back of this photo locates its subjects in Pingdong County, Manuru Village. The man on the right appears to be the "headman" identified...

12. [wa0061] [Smoking a cigar] [wa0061] [Smoking a cigar] 270 DRINK AND DRUGS;277 TOBACCO INDUSTRY;290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT; According to Suzuki (1935) an Ami from Hualian district, Liluo village (p.96).

13. [wa0068] [Atayal woman transporting produce] [wa0068] [Atayal woman transporting produce] 280 LEATHER TEXTILES AND FABRICS;285 MATS AND BASKETRY;460 LABOR;462 DIVISION OF LABOR BY GENDER;480 TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION;482 BURDEN CARRYING; Atayal woman carrying a basket. "Not stopping to rest her hands, she pulls apart hemp (H. Suzuki 1935, p. 18).

14. [wa0069] [Orchid Island woman] [wa0069] [Orchid Island woman] 290 CLOTHING;300 ADORNMENT;320 PROCESSING OF BASIC MATERIALS;322 WOODWORKING; This woman is wearing a "ragat," which Kano Tadao described as "large, heavy hat of carved wood, used on ceremonial occasions and corresponding to the male vurugat" (1956, p. 103). This same woman is pictured...

15. [wa0071] [Four Ami dignitaries in full dress] [wa0071] [Four Ami dignitaries in full dress] 292 SPECIAL GARMENTS;300 ADORNMENT;301 ORNAMENT;560 SOCIAL STRATIFICATION;565 CLASSES; Two men and two women in full head-dress stand in front of wooden building with thatch roof. Taidong prefecture, Malan 馬蘭 village (H. Suzuki 1935, p. 90).

16. [wa0097] [Three women hulling millet with pestles] [wa0097] [Three women hulling millet with pestles] 250 FOOD PROCESSING;290 CLOTHING;410 TOOLS AND APPLIANCES;413 SPECIAL TOOLS;460 LABOR;462 DIVISION OF LABOR BY GENDER; H. Suzuki enthused: "The sounds of 18 maidens pounding pestles sounds like songbirds in the mountain" (Suzuki 1935, p.21). The three Atayal women pictured here, however, are hulling millet with their wooden...

17. [wa0106] [Healer and patient] [wa0106] [Healer and patient] 340 STRUCTURES;342 DWELLINGS;510 LIVING STANDARDS AND ROUTINES;750 SICKNESS;758 MEDICAL CARE; Prone Atayal male receiving ministrations of healing woman on a bed of lashed bamboo. Suzuki locates this scene in Maleppa, Taizhong prefecture.

18. [wa0111] [5-year bamboo-pole ritual] [wa0111] [5-year bamboo-pole ritual] 520 RECREATION;524 GAMES;780 RELIGIOUS PRACTICES;788 RITUAL; Several Paiwan men, women and children, spectators and participants, attend a well-known Paiwan "rite repeated every five years [wherein] Paiwan people of Southeast Taiwan manipulate bamboo poles to assure...

19. [wa0120] [Women carrying earthenware vessel] [wa0120] [Women carrying earthenware vessel] 290 CLOTHING;320 PROCESSING OF BASIC MATERIALS;323 CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY;460 LABOR;462 DIVISION OF LABOR BY GENDER;480 TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION;482 BURDEN CARRYING; This woman is identified as "Ami." A colorized version of this same photo states that his woman is "drawing water" (image [wa0320]). Hualian district, 奇密 village.

20. [wa0123] [Atayal tattooing process] [wa0123] [Atayal tattooing process] By 1935, according to H. Suzuki, tattooing had become a thing of the past. Location: Paalan village in Taizhong (p. 16).
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results 1-20 of 48 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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